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1.losing yourself..your beliefs,personality,lifestyle in the process of trying to please your lover.remember that they fell in love with "you"! so stop the nonsense and just be yourself or you'll soon become to miserable with yourself to love them anymore.

2.thinking you can't live without them..yes you can! see, it's called possessiveness and it's not healthy for you to be that dependent on another person to simply live and breathe ever.

3.lack of trust..the killer of love indeed ,unless you have proof and have seen betrayal with your very own eyes.never believe what anyone else says about your love.always,always,give them the benefit of the doubt.and if you yourself have doubts..then tell them.be grownup and iron it out together.do not let it consume you both until one of you explodes and there's no turning things back.

May 10, 2007 by b.b.k. in Love  ID#:124497

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