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True Things About Girls...

- We will never be too old for sleepovers.

- Gossip isn't a sin. It's an art.

- We have this thing called feelings. don't hurt them.

- We don't wake up looking pretty. It takes time and effort.

- Sometimes is just never quite enough.

- We need girls nights OFTEN.

- We hold grudges [sometimes] and we never forget the things you say to us that hurt.

- It does'nt matter who dumped who or why. Whenever we see an ex with another girl, it always bothers us. Not because we're not over you, but because we know we used to be that girl.

- Makeup can hide so many things, like puffy eyes from crying of a broken heart.

- Never ever ask a girl what she weighs; or simply anything about her weight being too much or too little. just don`t do it.

- Never ask a girl if shes being b**chy cause of PMS.. cause other things annoy us...duh!

- As much as we say we didnt like you that much...we did.

- Girls notice every little thing so be careful what you say and do.

- Our eyes are located in our heads. Not our chest or butt. So when
you're not looking in our eyes, WE KN0W.

- We get a feeling in our gut when things are wrong.

- We don't like it when you're with someone in a relationship and you're over there texting some other b**ch.

- Sometimes we trust you because we want to, even when we know you are lying, and it hurts.

-We hate liars and hypocrites so do us a favor and just don't be one.

September 13, 2007 by Rocky in Women  ID#:140591
Well, can’t deny most of that. Except the first and second one

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