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When i was born,
You were there to catch me when i fall, whenever and wherever.
When i said my first words,
You were there for me,
to teach me the whole dictionary if need be.
When i took my first steps,
You were there to encourage me on.
When i had my first day at school,
you were there to give me advice and help me with my homework.
I still havent finished school,
or walked down the aisle, or had my first child.
But i know you will be there for me through all these times and more, the good and bad.
So i just wrote this to say 'I LOVE YOU DAD!!!'

June 2, 2004 by Behind blue eyes in Fathers Day  ID#:18136
I dont have a dad so clearly that means nothing to me.

Hello to everyone.I'm new to this forum .I heard goods things about it..
so i am glad to be a part of it.
I love my daddy as fesh love water.

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