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With parents that don't care,
and "friends" that are fake;
trusting anyone but my dog,
has proven to be a big mistake.

Truths turn into lies;
hellos to goodbyes.
In this seemingly endless world of nevers,
everyone seems to forget that there is no forever.

Truth is temporary,
trust is fake.
Laughs aren't a disposition,
and good memories are hard to make.

Love is an illustion,
happiness is too.
Living in a world of make believe,
what can a girl do?

Work for that disposition.
Strive to me in the mindset of a minor.
Relax at the end of everyday,
and let the past be a tormenting reminder.

Posted by lives4him in General  ID#:227639
wow thats really good....i like it...because its the truth in so many ways... :)

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