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***** COOL INSULTS 4 GALS...*****

1)Hi..i'm a human being.What r u?
2)Are you always so stupid or is today a special occasion?
3)As an outsider what do u think of the human race?
4)I'd like to kick u in the teeth then again why should i improve ur looks.
5)Brains aren't everything..In fact in your case they are nothing.
6)Careful now..don't let ur brains go to ur head.
7)If i had a face like yours..i'd sue my parents.
8)Keep talking..someday you'll say something intelligent.
9)Fellows like you don't grow from trees,they swing from them..
10)You are a living proof that man can live without brains.
11)Hey how come ur here? i thought the zoo is closed at night.
12)How did u get here?Did someone leave ur cage open.

October 19, 2004 by Anonymous in Men  ID#:24376

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