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100 Reasons Why I Love You:

1-You make me smile
2-You make me feel good about my self
3-My heart belongs to you
4-Your eyes make me wonder
5-You really look cute
6-Our time together means the world
7-You look good when you are asleep
8-You hold my hand
9-You hug me tight
10-You are always there
11-You think am the best
12-You are THE BEST
13-You are warm
14-You are kind
15-You are hot
16-You understand me
17-You make me love life
18-You incourge me
19-You love life
20-You are easy to deal with
21-You are understanding
22-You forgive me when i do mistakes
23-You forgive me when i hurt you
24-You are hounest
25-You are faithful
26-You always beleive me
27-You believe in me
28-You have faith in god
29-You smile alot
30-You have faith in God
31-You never shout at me
32-You forgive me if i shout at you
33-You care about me
34-You like the things i like
35-You know i have anger issues,But still...
36-You hold my hand on puplic
37-You make me laugh
38-You are stuck to me
39-You like beeing around me
40-You like my taste
41-You wear the clothes i buy you
42-You Buy me things i like
43-You love winter
44-You never think am stupid
45-You like my buls**t
46-You are proud of me
47-You are a haooy person
48-You listen to the music i like
49-You are my soul mate
50-You have chosen me
51-You try hard for me
52-Your walk is cute
53-You are commited no matter what
54-You will waut for me always
55-you listen
56-You say funny things
57-You always give me solutions
58-You always make sure i feel good
59-You are romantic
60-You always tell me am pretty
61-You never stay mad at me
62-your laugh is cute
63-You always smile when you see me
64-You always tell me you missed me
65-You stay online with me untill i fall asleep
66-You tell me you love me
67-you love things that i do
68-You make me confdence
69-You tell me am talented
70-You stick beside me when i screw up
71-You make me see the world diffrently
72-We have fun together
73-You walk with me a cross the world
74-You need me
75- I need you
76-You are sensitive
77-we do new things
78-You play with my hear
79-we eat together
80-We go to new places
81-You love coulors
82-You always check on me
83-You stick by me even if am wrong
84-You make the whole world know you love me
85-You kiss me on my forehead
86-You tell yours friends am the only one
87-You let me drive your car
88-You teach me new things
89-You were in my past
90-You love my walk
91-You dont say a word if i ate too much
92-You like green
93-Your life goes around me
94-You try hard for us
95-You wipe my tears
96-You cry infront of me
97-You respect my family
98-You never let me thank you
99-You like my friends

A&M forver and ever and ever.

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