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Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.

Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.

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The only band I listen to on most days...
I don't know, this dude is starting to smell like a sell out. That or his producer stole his soul. 'I want a lover..' is so over produced. I thought
...you said this guy was raw?
Are you sure this guy isn't Jesse from the I want to be a VJ contest? :)
eric you're crazy, connor is a genius, (and only 23!) besides writing awesome songs, he'll actually sing about real issues like the war; who else does
I was expecting something less mainstream... As of late producers are killing intelligent underground music with puky pop production.

I thought he produced himself...i kinda like the overproduction.
yeah, i thought he did his own stuff too...he even started his own label..'team love' (team-love.com); brand new, but i expect good things..
The Bio on saddle creek mentions his producers. I'm sure he's talented. The songs are complex, just too mainstream sounding for me.
How, do people know, when famous "others" quote in the olden days, when hardly anyone is alive to tell us about the happenings?

Just because it mentions their name- does not mean they are true.

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