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so you fed your ego for another time when i say that i loved you? same boring game..
but if you know how to play games i know how to play chess my beauty mindless queen..
it's a different kind of game.. i always be two steps in front of you.. i'm not you..
I learned from my mistakes.. you do it again and you know i'm not a fool.. but i can't say the same for you..
I have a confession to make to you.. i didn't let my self feel.. i wasn't feel anything this time.. you have to know something..
actions hurts but words kill.. if i wasn't a nice guy when i saw you sad i could leave you there drowned in your tears..
You deserve something like that because of the pain you that made me pass.. but i didn't want to see you like this..
I just want you to be happy!!!..That's why i say to you i loved you..
Because when you fed you ego you was happy.. You feel happy when you see me on pain.. Be happy and learn who you really are!!

October 24, 2015 by BlueSunSky in Love  ID#:626583

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