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An email from a friend, KP:
I see the man who brutally killed my family, my wife, my children, standing in chains. I see no remorse on his face. I thought I knew him well but when I look at him now - the unshaven face, the dirty shirt, and the the peculiar mark on his face which seemed like a scratch - I don’t recognize him at all. “Who is this monster? How could he even do this, and why did he do it?” the thought gushed into my mind but before I could ask him, the door behind me opened.
The jailer came in.

“Are you done?” came the angry voice.
"Then it's time to go", his voice softened this time!

I just nodded.

"Can I ask you one question??" he said
"Yes, please"
"Why did you want to see yourself in the mirror as your last wish??"

February 10, 2016 by GoodHuman in Guilt  ID#:629580

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