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Las Nyt @ Infinity IL

Me Sitting Next To The Counter Alone And
Side Chick Playing In The Background... ^_^
Just Going Thought My News Feed
Suddenly A Group Of Girls Walked In And
Walked Right Beside Me And Then One Girl
Stops She Looked @ Me And Then She Said
"Gooosh!.. I Think I Know This Guy :) Your
Cleva Right? Cleva Buchter Boytjie?"
And I Was Just Mute So Decided To Sit Down
Next To Me And Asked Me To Buy Her A Drink.
Ryt B4 She Could Say Anything
Further Then My Girlfriend Came Back From
The Bathroom So She Told Her....
"""Your In My Chair B**ch!!!"""
So She Stood Up Walked To Her Friends
And They Were All Laughing @ Her :D :D :D :D

September 14, 2016 by Absalom Cleva in Fun Phrases  ID#:635779

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