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Father my Friend

It’s a girl, it’s a boy what Jubilation
A long awaited anticipated exhilaration
By natural or adoptive means
Suddenly a father no longer dreams
New skills required or so it seems

There is no school or varsity course
No guide as to which rules to enforce
No rule of thumb perhaps a grandfather
Can give advice from a forefather
Our son is so different oh brother

That son so recently proclaimed
May copy dad’s traits unashamed
Become a professional or to rebel
Success at anything pop’s chest will swell
Father in the making only time will tell

My patri, peder, papa and dad
My baba, parinte, pére and tata
Endearments all from many a nation
That man in your life since your creation
To call him friend a valuable translation

To lose a true father is very, very sad
We have all shed tears at the loss of a dad
Memory lingers on the lessons he taught
Cherish and honor lest his life be for naught
Let him live on in your deeds and thought

A child can be sired by many a man
Even in jest the daily mailman
But in truth a father must be more
Helmsman, friend, sage and a rock
Looked up to and adored by his very own flock

Happy Fathers’ Day
Terry Goldie June 2016

September 29, 2016 by Terrygoldie in Fathers Day  ID#:636192

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