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Legal Remuneration

All arise circuit Judge presiding
Council your evidence to meet my guiding
In the interest of justice no siding
Truth will be weighed logic abiding
Compos mentis my decision binding

Your Honour in this matter I represent my client
On your findings he is humbly reliant
With my legal acumen I am defiant
In matters of defence a supergiant
My service fees are totally compliant

Your Honour in this matter I represent the State
On your decisions the trial outcome dictate
My arguments those of my colleague to abate
My learned friend is an ex LLB class mate
Prosecutors earn a standard service rate

Consultations required defence to compile
File upon written notated file
Telephone calls and mails all the while
Assistants allow my continued lifestyle
Preparation complete for the pending trial

Case investigation for the prosecution
Arguments designed for defence dilution
Expert witness a valuable contribution
Affidavits and evidence provide a solution
My labours in law a regulated institution

Postponement after postponement
This trial may end before the atonement
Defence find prosecution a wary opponent
Evidence led to the smallest component
Finally closing statements now is the moment

Win this case in court or lose
Like Solomon the judge will choose
Whatever the outcome a long sea cruise
A break from consulting new case to peruse
My bankers comment will enthuse

Terry Goldie Mar 2016

September 29, 2016 by Terrygoldie in Lawyers  ID#:636194

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