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There’s Beauty in everything in life,
in shadows and lights
in blacks and whites
in which we can see and enjoy
in which we cannot see and can still enjoy
beauty in the negatives
and in the positives.

There’s Beauty in all things in nature
in things we nurture
in things that torture
us our entire life
yet we still speak of Beauty
and of Life and of Love.

We are most grateful as they come
as gifts, talents and blessings
from the Lord above
God enables us to use it
not as a post-it or a buls**t
but as inspirations in things we created

Beauty is on the tiniest spots
Seen and unseen
Beauty is oft filling our minds
as it originally comes from God.

Sylvia Frances Chan

March 14, 2017 by Sylvia Frances Chan in Literature  ID#:640064

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