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Where are you tonight? Without you I am lost, You are my better half,
Without you I'm not whole, Your absence is felt greatly, I reach out but can't touch you and that's just not right, As I think how your closeness
would soften the night, I knew I would miss you, But never knew just how much, As I yearn for your presence
and pine for your touch, My spirit is restless sensing something is amiss
My arms are empty without your hugs and kisses, Please don't be gone too long, As it is hard to endure, For this ache deep inside only you have the cure, Your absence reminds me
of the richness of love we share,
And nothing could ever compare,
So please come home to me soon so
that our halves may unite, As your closeness and gentle touch would
once more make our lives just perfect and right, love you always and forever my sweet gorgeous man xxxxxx

November 7, 2017 by Jane_Loves_Brian in Love  ID#:643074

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