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True Love... Is Turning And Walking Away, So She Might Find Someone Else To Make Her Happy, Knowing In My Heart We Were Making The Biggest Mistake Of Our Lives. Knowing In My Soul It Will Never Be Over Between Us,
Knowing , In Every Fiber Of My Being That She Is Mine And I Am Hers.
But Tonight, It Won't Be Me, Making Her Smile, 
Tonight It Won't Be Me, Making Her Happy.
But It Will Be Me In Her Memories, And Me In Her Heart, Standing Outside Her Bedroom  Window,
Waiting For Her With A Single Red Rose,
My Arms Wide Open To Tuck Her Away, To Hold Her Oh So Close, And Oh So Tight, Dancing With Her Under A Billion Stars,
Just Letting Me Hold Her, Oh So Close As We Become One.
Oh Please  Dear God, Just Let Me Be The One To Hold Her Tonight...
My Heart Is Breaking, My Soul Is Aching, My Mind Is Making...
Sweet Love To Her As Time Stands Still In The Night, In Our Hearts, In Our Souls, And In Our... Dreams.
As Everything Else Will Simply Disappear, Into The Night.

November 8, 2017 by superdraco62 in General  ID#:643089

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