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14 Annoying Things to do in a Movie Theatre

1) Ask what the theater's return policy on popcorn is.

2) Every time there is a gun shot scream, "Hit the floor!", jump on the floor, and cover your head.

3) Wear one of those "cat in the hat" top hats.

4) Point a laser pointer at the screen. Give the audience a laser light show.

5) Bring a book and a bright light. Start reading the book with the light on. When someone asks you to turn out the light, yell, "Shh, I'm trying to read!"

6) Throw spit wads on the screen. Try throwing them on the upper part of the screen so they can't get scraped off.

7) Pass around a collection plate and see if anyone contributes.

8) Laugh hysterically during the sad parts in the movie, cry during the funny ones.

9) Bring your own beanbag chair and sit in the aisle.

10) Laugh very loudly at all the corny jokes.

11) Use empty chairs next to you as catapults with candy. Aim at specific people behind you and see if you can hit anyone in the back row.

12) Bring a flashlight. In the middle of the film do shadow puppets on the ceiling.

13) Bring a remote control. Complain that you can't change the channel.

14) Sit front row, the minute the movie starts run out screaming.

March 12, 2006 by smartee_pantz in Things To Do  ID#:65311

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