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Did you ever fall for someone you know you shouldn't?
Try hard to fight your feelings, but you just couldn't?
You fall deeper with each passing day,
But try to hide it in every possible way.
He's only a friend, and nothing else--
That's the lie you keeping telling yourself.
You keep on saying he's just a bud,
But deep inside, you're falling in love.
You get so giddy when you meet his eyes,
But keep reminding yourself it isn't right.
A simple glance turns into a stare,
But you pretned that you don't care.
It's "not right" for you two to be.
Is that why you hide it so no one can see?
But how long will you pretend?
Keep lying that he's just a friend?
Perhaps your feelings you can never show.
Perhaps it's "wrong" for him to know.
Your friendship can't be risked over this,
So being his girl is an impossible wish...

Posted by Anonymous in Love  ID#:8388

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Thats a very good poem/quote!

Does anyone relate to this quote?
its gets me all sunken inside
and it reminds me off my bud and I
knowing that you cant have some one is one of many cons of love....
ok well..like four days ago i came across this poem by some pollution tree or something. and i cant find it in the database anymore. It went something like "by day someone, by night someone diffrent, when im alone i wonder if i will be able to pull the trigger, or slit my wrist with the knife" n some stuff about parents...well i loved that, and i wanted to add it to my faveourites. Pollution tree isnt a user name...if anyone knows what im talkng about or if the writer is somewhere around..PLEASE i loved that, the poetic studd was great...thanks:)
i no i hate this crap. its all cliched and awwwwwwww but this sux!!!!!!! i hate living a lie and i hate how every day goes by and its still the same. i helped him ask out my best friend, i consouled him when she dumped him the 1st time, telling him he deserved better but not telling him i thought he deserved me. when they got back together i told him how happy i was for him. then she broke his heart again and left me to pick up the pieces (seriously- i was hugging him while he cried in the middle of reading class). now wut am i supposed to do. i cant freakin forget about him.
thats exactly how i feel...and it sucks

i worte this poem thank you very much....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i am in a situation with my boy/f and his friend who i sleeped with when me and my boyfriend were on a brake and it hurts to admit that i fell for him and have a fake smile atm, what shat i do??
I just loved it.
I feel like this......
I hope u found the right person now

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