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Have you never stood on a mountain top
And dreamed about flying away
Were you never afraid your heart might stop
Before the end of the day

Have you never smiled brightly
For no particular reason
Have you never – if only slightly –
Just enjoyed the season

Have you never stayed outside
Even though you were shaking
Have you never been up all night
Because your heart was breaking

Have you never loved someone
Who didn’t love you in return
Have you never thought you won
Even though it wasn’t your turn

Have you never seen
A sunset at the beach
Have you always been
What your parents preach

Have you never in a lonely night
Hopelessly shed your tears
Have you never turned on the light
To chase away your fears

Have you never waited
For something you knew wouldn’t come
Have you never hated
Yourself for being alone

Have you never gone out in the rain
Despite thunder and lightning
Have you never drowned in your pain
Even though it was frightening

Have you never walked on ice
Playing with the thought to fall
Have you never needed advice
And yet you rejected all

Have you never seen a cloud
With light cutting through like a knife
Have you never thought about
Escaping from your life

Have you never ever before
Wished that love was true
Did you never want to be more
Than was expected of you

I was just wondering, though
Cause I did all of that, you see
And I would really like to know
How much you are like me

August 8, 2003 by kAtZaL in Freedom  ID#:9493

hey "me"...where are you from? who are you? this song that you wrote..o my god! it's so about me. how come..?!?!? please write me an e-mail.i would like to be your friend.my e-mail address is teya4evah@gmail.com. write to me as soon as possible.

have a nice day, bye bye, teya_
September 21, 2006 by teya_ 4 Replies Mark as Offensive

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