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Ten things to do on a roller coaster
1.Shove the stuffed animal you won earlier up your shirt and ask the attendant if pregnant people are allowed on the ride.
2.Stick a piece of tape to your ear and ask the attendant if you're allowed to listen to your tape on the ride.
3.Start screaming as soon as you get in the roller coaster car.
4.Start praying and crying hysterically as your going up the first hill.
5.Ask the person next to you what the name of the roller coaster is and after she answers start screaming, "What?!? OH NO!! WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!"
6.Ask the person next to you if they've finished the repairs for the roller coaster yet.
7.Act like the girl from Final Destination 3 and pretend to have a vision that the roller coaster's going to crash.
8.Ask the person next to you to sing you a nursery rhyme to calm you down.
9.As soon as the ride starts say, "Wait, this isn't the carousel!"
10.Flirt with the person next to you during the whole ride.

October 21, 2006 by heartBROKENgurl in Things To Do  ID#:97727

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